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An Aquarian Exposition

In the spring of 1969, Woodstock Ventures asked me to do a poster for the large outdoor concert they were planning for the village of Woodstock, NY. in August of that year. I based the poster on Ingre’s La Source and surrounded that image with cupids, flowers and hearts in jewel-tone colors. After I delivered the art to the printer in late June, I left for a month in the Caribbean to a town with 30 people and no telephone. During this time, the town of Woodstock forbade the show and it had to be moved to Max Yasgur's farm. As I was not available to do a new poster, it was done by another artist, and appropriately became very famous, while this version is mostly forgotten.

Black ink, transparent dyes, tempera. Central drawing on buff paper in colored pencil.

First Woodstock Poster